good song by WestHawk

WestHawk, from Canada, has been influenced by music from all parts of the world.

His bias lies greatly in the West Coast, East Coast, Miami Bass, Reggae, and 80s/90s/2000s Hip Hop sounds of music. His sparkle has led him to work with different artists from across the globe.

WESTHAWK brings together musical elements and styles to cook up a fresh vibe.

Guns Down is dedicated to the innocent lives and suffering of injustice and brutal wars.

The song is a perfect foray into the music scene for Westhawk, as it showcases how he crafts music with an open-minded approach.

The music unfolds gradually, creating the perfect atmosphere and setting the right mood from the get-go, influenced by styles as diverse as West Coast & East Coast Rap, Miami Bass, Reggae, Soul, and Funk, among others.

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Guns Down

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