B.Rocck Da Wrld

B.Rocck Da Wrld

B. Rockk da Wrld‘s powerful message of focusing on proving oneself right rather than proving others wrong encapsulates the essence of his story and artistic journey.

Hailing from Newark, NJ, where his talent was first recognized and cultivated in the church, B. Rockk’s passion for music drove him to share his gift with the world.

Infusing elements of melodic storytelling and the electrifying energy of Hip Hop, he crafted a unique sound that resonates with diverse audiences, inspired by musical icons such as Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

With his debut single “Love Thoughts” in 2021, B. Rockk has quickly made a mark in the industry, sharing the stage with artists like Sleepy Hollow and Dream Doll.

As he continues to explore new opportunities and collaborations, B. Rockk’s trajectory in the music world promises to make waves and leave a lasting impact, living up to his goal of “Rockk da World.”

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Guardian Angel – hip hop, rnb, soul

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