Bob Helfant – jack of all trades and surprisingly master of all, too.

Bob Helflant emerged on the music scene in 1970s. He sang, played and rocked around in the decades that followed.

Rock, jazz, country, or classic pop – you name it and he has played it and played with finesse.

Not many can boast the music variety that Bob Helfant has procured and improved upon for many years.

Granted that he has been under the radar for half the time, but he is one of the few that didn’t just fall of the face of the earth after their time was supposedly done.

No, he persisted and evolved with the passing decades.

We can rave with the 70s rock and funk

Sway with the disco and dance pop of the 80s

Favor the rap and hip hop of the 90s

Lose ourselves in the explosive plethora of diverse musical cultures of the 21st century

And Bob Helfant is the person who has seen it all and done it all.

A rare living breathing gem of music history

His music pays respect to all the varieties that he has curated over the decades. A striking immersive honor to the music that graced generation upon generations.

BOB HELFANT: History and Recent work

Bob has been playing since hitting the road in 1972. During that time, he toured extensively with various bands before becoming a fixture of the New Your City music scene in the 80’s.

Regular performances were scheduled at Trax, J.Ps. Brandy’s and The Other End.

He has also worked with an unusual mix of artists that include but are are not limited to: Paul Shaffer, John Belushi, Elliot Randall, Donovan, Melanie, Peter Tork

He has also recorded a solo album for Ko Tai Records in Canada.

For the past twelve years, Bob has played his original music in his band, 1019 and recorded 2 CDs with them. The band members also include: Doug Snyder, Dan Santoro and Harry Helfant (his son who made his first recording debut with his father in the album Moorpark & Whitsett)

He also works with another band occasionally: Bob Helfant & Friends. They record at Studio City and the band members include: Kristen Toedtman, Craig Sharmat, Del Casher, Jason Harrison Smith, Lance Morrison, Richard Friedman and Doug Snyder.

Bob Helfant is a singer, songwriter, and a guitar player

who takes inspiration from the resounding names of the music industry that incude: Bob Dylan, The Beatles, John Prine, BB King, The Band, Kris Kristofferson, Randy Newman, Don Commanda.

A product of growing up in the 60’s and playing in bands and bars throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s. A magnificent musician that has mastered Americana. His music is a true harmonious mixture of the plethora of the musical ethos of the American industry. Sounds that merged from folk, country, blues, jazz, rock and roll – are all represented equally and delightfully in his music.

He possess the immense talent of composing a contemporary melody that is intricately infused with the echoes of the past. An unusual but a much welcomed style.

In conclusion, listen to his music and be the judge yourself .

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