Spotlight on Rising Musician Cailo

Spotlight on Rising Musician Cailo

Since embarking on her journey in the EDM realm back in 2015, Cailo has undeniably established herself as an accomplished musician, burgeoning producer, and DJ to watch.

Hailing from Vallejo and currently based in San Francisco, Caitlin “Cailo” Lowe stands out as a distinctive producer and songwriter within the industry.

Cailo’s artistic essence effortlessly captivates audiences with her enchanting melodies and insightful lyricism, seamlessly blending catchy beats with conscientious storytelling in her tracks.

Across a spectrum of styles ranging from soulful to playful, satirical, and even dark, each of Cailo’s creations weaves a unique narrative infused with personal significance.

Through her forward-thinking releases that break musical barriers, blend genres harmoniously, and spotlight her signature production style and authenticity, Cailo consistently showcases her exceptional talent and creativity in the music scene.

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Always – [pop, electronic dance]

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