Carl Pettit unique and original sonic landscapes.

Carl Pettit unique and original sonic landscapes.

Carl Pettit is an accomplished American composer and pianist currently based in Portugal. His worldly experiences, having lived in various countries like Spain, England, Czechia, and East Asia, have significantly shaped his creative process.

This diverse cultural exposure is evident in his music, where he skillfully blends different genres to craft unique and original sonic landscapes.

While originally composing for acoustic guitar, Carl’s transition to the piano proved successful, placing him in the realm of neoclassical music with hints of neo-soul and jazz instrumentals adding depth to his repertoire.

His arpeggiated and rhythmic songwriting style shines through, showcasing his talent and versatility as a musician.

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Jazzy Little Hero – jazz, piano, new age, blues

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Temüjin’s Lament – contemporary, neoclassical, new classic

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Strange Eve – instrumental

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