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Lucid-Ness a white sky

Lucid Ness

All my songs try to tell a story. "a white sky" is meant to give you company in a walk or in a thoughtful mood. A small taste of LoFi / Chill with some variances.


Lucid Ness

"a green sky" is a sort of rollercoaster auditive experience, with 2 minutes of slow ascending and then 1 minute of free fall and madness, ending with no prior announcement. What genre? Hard to say actually.

Luvvy Blaze


INNOCENT EFFFIONG popularly known as LUVVY BLAZE was born in karu, Abuja Nigeria. having grown up in a ghetto and seen the other part of life, Luvvy's love for success grew tremendously. Throughout his life, luvvy has always been fascinated by music and how the world is represented through the eyes of others. Naturally, he was drawn to music. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years When He Recorded His First Song HARDMAN. At The Age Of 14 Luvvy Gained His First Recognition When He...

Song for you

Song for you

We are a team of artists, singer-songwriters, and producers that offer a custom song and pre-production service. We create original songs for special occasions, milestone birthdays, weddings, or just because. We transform your feelings, love story, life story, lyrics or poems into a 100% original song. In English or Afrikaans. On top of the custom song service we collaborate with songwriters and other independent artists, producing original music! Follow us on @bysongforyou and visit our...

Cee Cee Worley

Cece Worley

Born to a musician and a playwright in Atlanta, Cece was bound to succumb to her family's generational blessing of distinctive creativity. After falling in love with singing at the age of 4, she soon developed a zeal for writing; begging her parents for notebooks and journals every chance she got.

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