Chris Harris and Erin Newman

Chris Harris and Erin Newman

Chris Harris and Erin Newman bring a rich tapestry of influences to their music, combining elements of Blues, Soul, and Rock to craft a distinctive sound. “Goodbye Darling,” one of their notable songs, showcases their ability to blend these genres seamlessly.

In their music, you can expect soulful vocals intertwined with gritty guitar riffs and rhythmic grooves that resonate with emotional depth. Their collaborative approach results in a dynamic musical experience that captivates listeners, evoking both nostalgia and contemporary flair.

Chris Harris and Erin Newman are known for their expressive performances and a knack for storytelling through music. Their ability to fuse different musical traditions into a cohesive whole makes them stand out in the realm of contemporary blues and soul-infused rock music.

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Goodbye Darling – blues, soul, rock

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