Delivering two fresh perspectives into the world of music.

Delivering two fresh perspectives into the world of music.

In the world of music ….

both IMPERATORE and Michal Habrda shine a light on the music scene with their unique twists and turns in composition.

Committed to their craft and unwilling to compromise, they present a fresh perspective into the world of music.

One cannot help but watch in awe – and listen in anticipation – to the musical genius these artists present.

IMPERATORE: A Beacon of Musical Brilliance

Immerse yourself in the rich sounds of IMPERATORE. An album redefining the musical landscape, merging rock, metal and opera into an extraordinary spectacle of creativity and passion.

IMPERATORE, in its essence, speaks to the breathtaking power of musical synthesis. Commanding vocals dovetail beautifully with thunderous guitar riffs and orchestral arrangements, creating vast, intricate tapestries of sound that leave the listener awestruck. It is a testament to the band’s unerring creativity and talent, a fusion of seemingly disparate elements that work in seamless harmony to create a body of music that is mesmerizing and thoroughly compelling.

Front and center in IMPERATORE are the commanding vocals. They seem to harness the raw, guttural energy of rock, the powerful, pulsating intensity of metal, and the lilting, nuanced stylings of opera, all compacted into a stunning display of vocal dexterity and depth.

There’s a captivating duality in the guitar riffs— feverish and electrifying in one moment, tender and melodic in the next. Each strum resonates, landing with the emotional weight of a full orchestral movement, a testament to the power of masterful guitar work.

The orchestral arrangements of IMPERATORE serve as the album’s grand backdrop, enveloping the soaring vocals and searing guitar riffs in a multi-layered symphony of sound that is every bit as detailed and textured as an opera. It’s these arrangements that shape the unique soundscape of the album, bridging the gap between rock, metal and opera.

IMPERATORE – A Symphony of Sonic Beauty

IMPERATORE masterfully weaves distinct musical threads into a stunning tapestry of sounds. It strays from the predictability of genre conformity to a novel fusion of rock, metal and opera that beckons listeners into a world of grandeur and passion. It’s an unparalleled symphony of sonic beauty, an auditory feast that captivates and thrills, stirring the heart and sparking the imagination.

For generations to come, IMPERATORE will be revered as a pivotal album, a beacon of musical brilliance that revolutionized the soundscape and reinforced the potent magic of music.

Are you ready to embark on this musical journey? There’s only one way to find out – hit that play button and let ‘IMPERATORE’ take you on a mesmerizing sonic voyage.


Michal Habrda’s Profound Exploration into the Musical Landscape

In 1985, when Michal Habrda entered a professional studio for very first time, his eyes weren’t just on the musical notes, but also on the intricate inner workings of the creative world. He was fascinated by the beauty of not just melody but also the image and its post-processing .

Fast forward to his career in the radio Evropa 2. Not one to be confined by the limits of one role, Michal began to channel his passion for an intimately connected sphere – an audio studio of his own making. It wasn’t just a piece of cake – it was a progressive venture, one step at a time.

Hundreds of diverse records came to life at his studio. From video clips, commercials, to touching documentaries, his studio echoed with creativity. He wore many hats – director, producer, arranger, technician, showing us how versatile he really is.

Music is a powerful form of expression, isn’t i? Speaking volumes where words fail. Michal Habrda understood this melody’s potency. His technical prowess came in handy in mastering the mix of music.

Michal’s journey is a spectacular testament to his commitment to his craft. His steadfast dedication, myriad skills and deep passion position him as a distinctive figure in the world of music.