DJ LoGi sets the perfect mood for any dance floor

DJ LoGi sets the perfect mood for any dance floor

Patryk, also known as DJ LoGi, a producer hailing from Poland, has a unique inspiration for his artistic pseudonym – derived from the Bloodborne character Martyr Logarius.

His love for music shines through in his creations, particularly in the realms of edm and trance genres, with a special soft spot for uplifting trance.

DJ LoGi’s expertise and experience in the music scene are truly remarkable, with a proven ability to mesmerize audiences with his dynamic performances, setting the perfect mood for any dance floor.

His music undoubtedly deserves a spot on everyone’s playlist, adding a touch of magic to any listening experience.

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Sound Of The Nighttrance, uplifting trance, edm

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Night Heaven – [Trance, Uplifting Trance, EDM]

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Sky Dreams [Trance, Uplifting Trance, Edm]

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Time for Trance

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Arctic of Trance