Don Pasquale Ferone – Vita piena – new release

Don Pasquale Ferone – Vita piena – new release

Don Pasquale, a priest hailing from the province of Naples, is known for his love of music and his talent for composing Christian-inspired songs available across various digital platforms.

His musical journey began in his youth, frequenting church services with his family and later mastering the guitar at the age of 15, leading parish celebrations and prayer meetings.

Following a profound spiritual experience at the age of 10, he embraced the path to priesthood through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Ordained in 1998, Don Pasquale integrated his musical prowess into his priestly duties, eventually transitioning into creating Christian music in 2017.

Today, this singer-songwriter-priest serves as a parish priest in the outskirts of Naples, continuing to share his faith and musical talents with his community.

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Vita piena – [Christian, gospel, indie, pop]

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