Over the past couple of years, Bill March has proven to be a Veteran of the music scene in Cleveland. He is a solo artist who’s worked with several bands over the years. Additionally, his career is spread out through three decades.

Bill began singing while he was only ten. One of his inspirations was Paul McCartney and the reason Bill became a bass player. Bill knew at a young age, if anyone wanted to play an instrument even professionally, he or she had to go to music classes and that’s exactly what he did. His talent didn’t just come out of the blues.

Bill March’s talent came from practicing from some of his favorite hit songs by McCartney, John Paul Jones among others. And that’s how he ended up with his amazing talent for guitar and numerous hit songs.

Working with Other Artists

As a veteran in the music scene, Bill March has worked with several famous artists. One thing is for sure, his sound still remains as unique as it was since his early singing career days.

Some of the musicians Bill has worked with include;

  • Wally Bryson: He was a member of the Raspberries American Pop rock band. This group was formed back in 1970 in Cleveland. Wally Bryson was the guitarist in the group and worked alongside Jim Bonfanti, Eric Carmen and Dave Smalley.
  • Jonah Koslen: He is an American songwriter born in 1952. He was a member of the Michael Stanley band where he worked with Michael Stanley, Tommy Dobeck and Daniel Pecchio. Jonah left the band in 1977 to form his own band known as Breathless. This new band consisted of Kevin Valentine, Bob Benjamin, Alan Greene, Rodney Psyka and Mark Avsec.

Beau Coup

Beau Coup is a group of musicians that began in the year 1983 where they originally had the name Pop Opera. At the end of 1984 is when the group changed their name to Beau Coup. The group started off with Tommy Amato, Eric Singer and Mike McGill. They eventually invited other people to join the group including Dennis Lewis who was then in the group known as Jonah Koslen.

Around the same time, just when the Heroes was disbanded, Bill March and Lewis’ older brother Frank joined the team. They were able to release 6 songs in their ‘White Album’. The team disbanded in the early 1990s but they constantly come together to perform on special occasions.

Bill March’s Music

At an eraly age, Bill March enjoyed composing songs just as much as playing the bass guitar. He was already composing songs way before he started his bass classes and that really helped him create a unique sound and several hit songs. He began singing at as a background singer before he got the chance to lead.

Over the years, Bill joined bands that were on the radio to gain the required worldwide recognition. With his unique voice, Bill quickly rose to the ranks and became a legend especially in Cleveland.

Long story short, his talent along with his years of experience and collaborations have led to the release of Bill’s incredilble EP Songs From a Lifetime

Take some time to enjoy this fantastic collection of songs tha is all Bill March.

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