B-ro Brody is a driven, diverse, charismatic and legendary artist who recently set out his first release ever, Dropout Talk.

B-ro Brody told me to choose any song of my choice, the one that I liked best, to feature in this episode. That was hard to do, as I liked all of the songs, no lie. Because I had such a hard time choosing, I decided to go with Black Teachers, and here’s why …

In the U.S., teachers are taken for granted and it’s something that should certainly be addressed. The bigger issue, is our school system. As a former school teacher, I could ramble on about that, I won’t, however, on that issue B-ro Brody underlines, through his “word-art”, some very hard truth.

The song is Explicit, yes, but that’s the beauty, to me, of hip hop and rap. In regards to it being Explicit, I say, get over it. This is reality. This is truth. And somehow this needs to be changed.

Talented, and skilled artist, like B-ro Brody will, hopefully, help bring light to the issue, and gain support, and that much needed change in this world today.

Unfortunately, I am not as skilled with words as B-ro Brody. I encourage all to take the time to listen, add this song (or the entire mix) to your playlist, or share with a friend.

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