Bobby’s Cane is a four piece rock group from Vancouver, Canada fronted by singer/guitarist Bobby Jeboult who, despite being blind, has kept leading the band to higher heights with his powerful vocals, and captivating songwriting and lyrics.

Along with Aaron David (guitar/backing vocals), and Nickolos Campagna (bass), the group has created a sound uniquely their own, taking influence from a wide variety of rock genres. They have recently debuted their second EP, entitled “Overgrown”.

“Don’t Do It Again” is a feature track of the recently released EP. A fan favorite, it is both heavy and hard hitting. While the music was written in tandem with members Bobby Jeboult and Aaron David, the lyrics for the song derive from an intense personal experience of Bobby’s. With a ripping solo and punching riffs to spare, it is sure to rile up listeners and leave a thirst for more.

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