Songwriter, and versatile music artist, Willie Calvin Henry (IV) interest in music started around the age 5. Calvin started recording songs from the radio with a cassette tape and making beats on lunchroom tables and on classroom desks. By the age 15, he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble so he moved with his dad to Champaign Illinois where he started to further pursue his music career. He joined a group that is now known as Squad Money Music. By late 2009, he had a daughter and moved to Florida with her mother where he would then put his music career on hold. Fast forward to the mid 2015 his son was born and that was when he decided to pursue his music career. Mid 2019, his highly anticipated album All Vibes was released and has skyrocketed off-the-charts!

2020 Calvin released Live, Don’t Die

‘Ride’ by artist, Calvin, is about a relationship and getting confirmation that she will ride with me through it all.

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