What happens when you mix all the hard rocking, panty dropping, ass-kickery of Metallica, Motörhead, Volbeat together?

Things just FALL INTO PLACE.

Get it? Fall Into Place is our featured band’s name. What a cool band description and perfectly stated.

The band, Fall Into Place, is 3 piece band with 12+ original songs and an arsenal of cover songs with our own little twist. The band members include Kevin Shushmaruk (Guitar & Vocals), Chad Montague (Drums), Ben Tredger (Bass). Their hometown is North Eastern Alberta.

Beyond the information I just provided above, I can’t seem to find much else out about them. But maybe, more information isn’t needed.

Maybe, you just need to click the play button, sit back and enjoy their music …. OR, as the EP title suggests “Embrace the Chaos“.

BTW, when we find out more about this incredible band, we’ll be sure to post an update. Be sure to come back for more.

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