Far From Final was founded by singer, songwriter W. A. Wyatt in Birmingham, Alabama. In 2017, Wyatt partnered with Ben Trexel Studios to create Far From Final and produce their first album, Crossing The Sun.

The music draws from the types of melodies and guitar styles found in various styles of 80s and 90s rock. Each song carries its own identity with respect to influence, yielding acoustically driven melodies to others rooted in heavier gritty-electric guitar.

The new rock single Head Down In The Hall was written by Wyatt in 2019. Wyatt says the song is a tribute to all his friends who stood-up to the challenges and struggles from the days back in middle school.

This is the second single from the band, following last years single release, Back In Line. You can find both singles and the full album Crossing The Sun on all major music distribution and streaming platforms.

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