A talented musician with twenty five years of musical experience, Suzic, has released “I Never Wanna Let Tonight Go”.

Suzic is a songwriter/composer based in Waterford, Ireland. She has been writing songs and music for over twenty five years. Her love of music was inspired by her grandfather, Samuel McNulty, who played the fiddle in a showband.

Suzic earlier music was recorded in Dick Keating’s studio in Dublin. Dick Durbin is known for the song he wrote ‘Here Today Gone Tomorrow’ which represented Ireland in the Eurovision in 1982.

Later, Suzic began recording her music at Optophonic Recording Studio in Dublin, Ireland, working with producer Derek Cronin. Derek Cronin has worked with artists, such as, Sinead O’Connor, Katherine Jenkins and Westlife amongst others. Suzic has recorded numerous music and songs in this studio.

As if this was not enough to keep her busy, this talented woman, is also working with producer Chris Erhardt, of Songcat Recording Studios in America, and has recorded some songs in his studio while also co-writing ‘Another Lifetime’, a country/pop song, with Erhardt.

Presently, Suzic is recording in her home city of Waterford, with Moorhouse Studio. She also composes instrumental music which would be suitable for film/tv..

Be sure to visit Spotify and enjoy TWENTY FIVE years of music from the talented Suzic.

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