Flynn Tanner Releases Electrifying Breakout Single

Flynn Tanner is a sort of musical mastermind, and with his breakout single Let’s Talk About, he captures the tangible energy of summer fun. His ability to convey emotion and energy is immediately evident on Let’s Talk About – but where he shines most is in his ability to take that energetic feeling that everyone has experienced and musically evolve it into an electrifying expansive experience.

With keen Pop sensibilities and an innate knack for songwriting, Flynn Tanner flawlessly flexes his amazing talents while writing, arranging, producing and engineering the entire song himself. He weaves an eclectic array of genres together, combining elements of Pop, Alternative, Surf Rock, Dance, World Music and Electronic. Playing every instrument himself allows ‘Let’s Talk About’ to constantly expand and morph from one section to the next, inevitably evoking feelings of summer fun with a tinge of nostalgia.

This cohesiveness is a testament to a musical talent in which the artist is well aware of his own artistic expression, his personal vision, and his audience. With the release of ‘Let’s Talk About’, Flynn Tanner has combined all the elements for the perfect summer single.

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