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Some people are born talented, blessed with vocals that are beautiful and melodious. It does not take them time to realize their true talent and thus, in the yesteryear, such a gem was born and named Tamara L. Wilson.

A lady who is inspirational, she is a singer/songwriter with magic in not just her vocals, but her fingers, which allows her to create masterpieces that are beyond amazing. This singing sensation started out singing as a fun hobby with her dad, without any prior professional training in the field. But her determination to become “someone” from a “nobody” forced her to write her first music pieces after seeking little training in singing.

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The Creative Mind

At a very young age, when adults are busy seeking traditional jobs, Tamara Wilson wrote her first songs “Paradise” and “Everything To Me,” which later on got her fame and recognition worldwide. She added a new dimension to country-pop, taking a level that made people fall in love with the music.

From the tunes to the vocals, from the phrases to the feelings, every note of the songs sung and written by Tamara hits every cord of the heart of her audience, allowing her to connect with them on an emotional level that was untouched before.

The Soulful Vocals

There are hundreds of singers out there, but what makes Tamara stand out are her soulful vocals. Her voice is like music to the ears. Her tunes catch every beat of the heart, and her songs simply make you feel that they were written for you only.

She uses no fancy acronyms or words to convey her message through the song. The beauty of Tamara’s music lies in her wise choice of words, beautiful thoughts portrayed through brilliant music, and write ups. The soul this lady puts into her songs has allowed her to be loved by millions out there, trying to connect with what she has to deliver, and she has become an inspiration for many.

The Music Creator

Over the years, Tamara has successfully launched her albums, many of which become super hits instantly. This music talent has her own den with the right equipment, including a keyboard, a peaceful environment, and a great team helps her in unraveling the artist inside and coming up with such amazing musical masterpieces.

It is commonly believed that celebrities become rude and proud once they gain recognition, but her down-to-earth nature is what sets Tamara L. Wilson apart from others. She has the aim of sharing her gifts with the world, inspiring people to do better, and bringing a positive change in the lives of others. Her objective is to spread positivity and love in world full of hatred today. And this is exactly what this amazing lady does through her music. If you wish to get inspired and are looking for something that could help you change the course of your life for the better, then get hold of Tamara’s music albums, listen to her country-pop music, and be inspired!

Notes from Tamara L. Wilson

“Paradise” and “Everything To Me” were the first songs I wrote, and went out on my debut album Let’s Get Something Started, released in 2010 and re-released in 2018 as ParadiseParadise did make it to the top 10 on a site called Soundclick (for singer/songwriter artist), out of about 20,000 songs in the pop category. My first EP Freedom released in 2018 also, and now my second EP Your Own Kind Of Beautiful being released in 2019.

Let me leave you with one of my favorites from her latest album Your Own Kind Of Beautiful, although you’ll probably want to hear more from this talented lady, Tamara L. Wilson.

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