Musically The Killing Tapes is a unique mix of Alternative Rock and electronic instruments.

The Killing Tapes was formed in 2020 by Marcus Crede (Kreatur and others) and Peter Svensson (Mary Celeste, Hello Hartland). The lyrics and demos were presented to Peter by Marcus in the fall of 2020 and they immediately began to work on the material together. Shortly into the writing process they both realized that the songs were of such quality and importance, they wanted to find a producer that could help them record the songs so that they would sound the best they could.”

The Killing Tapes

“Late fall of 2020, Roy Lundberg (Studio Connect) was presented to the songs and he took on the job of producing and recording the album, on an analog console. The co-operation between the band and mr Lundberg was proven to be a success, and The Killing Tapes unique sound is now on tape, sounding just the way it was wished upon by Marcus and Peter.” (Spotify Bio)

The Real Thing has been added to several playlist including … mysoundMusic explicit and mysoundMusic mix of genres

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