Zoë Evans, the San Diego born singer songwriter has been making music her whole life. Having learnt Piano from her father at just 3 years old, it is no surprise that she released her first album at just 15. Since then, Zoë has studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music and has even been nominated for best pop song at the New Mexico Music Awards.

Zoë is inspired by New Mexican culture …

as she grew up there. She appreciates deep, soulful music and some of her greatest influences are Lauryn Hill, John Legend and Dua Lipa. And you can tell, when listening to her music, that this translates into her songs. Zoë writes from the heart, pouring her life and emotions into her lyrics. Her music is moving and catchy and Zoë herself seems relatable in a very authentic way. For Zoë, music is a true passion.

Zoë Evans’ 2018 single “Again” has been played over 100,000 times on Spotify and got radio play in both Europe and the USA. It’s catchy hook caught people’s attention yet again and left many excited to see what she’d do next. Towards the end of 2019 we got to hear what she had been working on. She released her latest single “Falling Apart” on the 26th of November that year and response so far has been great.

“Falling Apart” is edgy and emotional …

and even it’s opening notes are entrancing. The main theme of the song seems to be about having doubts and questioning life and relationships as things change and evolve over time. It’s about seeking prospective and having uncertainty as to what the future could hold. It’s a bit about feeling like things are out of your control. Feelings we can all relate to. Her powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics compliment the instrumentals perfectly to deliver a song that’ll get you dancing. The song showcases Zoë’s true vocal prowess and even has a hip hop element towards the end.

The new song’s music video portrays a sleek blonde haired Zoë in various city scapes at sunset. The video is shot in the stunning New York City, where she is currently based, and is produced by a company called Kamikaze Beats. The video is shot beautifully and is perfect for the single. The video also features Zoë’s partner, Charles, as the love interest to her character.

Zoë Evans has a positive outlook on life and one of her favorite moto’s is “never give up”. And we hope she never does. Her hard work and dedication shows and Zoë is definitely an up and coming artist you need to keep an eye out for. Her latest single is proof of exactly that. Zoë’s refreshing and wholesome sound is hard not to love. Zoë truly seems to be on a roll and we expect we’ll be hearing more from her sometime again soon.

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