Fonzy and Company promises new music from 2024 onwards

Fonzy and Company promises new music from 2024 onwards

Fonzy & Company‘s announcement for the upcoming 2023/2024 period reflects the band’s evolution rather than its conclusion.

Despite the band disbanding, the prospect of new music releases starting in 2024 provides fans with anticipation. Fonzy’s steadfast aversion to social media in contrast to the band’s public relations requirements underscores the intricate dynamics of the music industry.

The band’s lineup, comprising accomplished musicians such as Olivia Jury, Jed Long, Sam Bennett, Sam Lane, and Lauren Hannah, incorporates a diverse musical background spanning Ska, Punk, and Metal, resulting in a genre-blending fusion of Indie, Alt, Americana, Pop Punk, and Folk.

Fonzy & Company’s music endeavors to capture the essence of a bygone era when musicians reigned supreme on stage, offering a blend of nostalgia and modernity.

Serving as a musical backdrop for life’s journey, their songs resonate with those who value authentic musicianship and cherish the enduring appeal of rock music.

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Cinnamon Laces – alt rock, pop, punk, post punk, rock

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