Gloom Bug an unique persona

Gloom Bug an unique persona

Gloom Bug, with her unconventional upbringing amidst the rustic charm of bluegrass festivals in rural Alabama, showcases an unique persona rooted in the enchantment of nature.

Sleeping in hammocks beneath starry skies, she forged an indelible connection to the forest that shaped her identity. With a distinctive laugh that resonates with both eccentricity and authenticity, Gloom Bug embodies the free-spirited mindset of a bug that embraces life’s whimsies.

As she traverses the vibrant landscapes of alt-rock and soul music, her presence exudes a professional tone, exemplifying a dedication to her craft.

With every note she strikes, Gloom Bug artfully combines her Appalachian heritage with a contemporary sound, creating a musical experience that captivates audiences far and wide.

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In Circles – shoegaze, bedroom pop

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This is Snow – rock, soul

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Good Man For You – [bedroom pop]

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