Groovin’ to the Music #10

Groovin’ to the Music #10

Groovin’ to the Music episode #10 is a mysoundMusic series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

Music is an art form that has the power to transcend boundaries and connect people from all walks of life. From classical to punk, hip-hop to country, the world of music is vast and diverse, offering a rich cultural tapestry for us to explore.

Unsigned & indie artists are the unsung heroes, in my eyes, uhm … ears, of the music world, often overlooked in favor of established artists. However, these artists offer a unique perspective on music, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry that exists in the music world.

From indie rock to world music, unsigned & indie artists represent a diverse range of genres and cultures, giving us a glimpse into the musical traditions of different regions.

Here are my featured favorites for this episode …


  • Rick and Sarah
  • Latin, Adult Alternative

Rick and Sarah are songwriters, musicians and producers living in North Florida.They use rock, r&b, funk, jazz, and world music styles, along with sound-scapes and word-scapes, to create great songs that are musically interesting and entertaining.


  • JAI
  • Eternity Songs – label
  • Holland Nelson – songwriter
  • Pop, Indie

Vertigo compares a new love relationship to some of the same feelings & symptoms that are experienced when a person has “Vertigo”.

Ft artist, JAI, currently lives in South Korea and has toured in China, Asia and the UAE. She also has performed at the BET awards and has been featured on KTLA 5.


  • Atomic House
  • Pop, Electro Rock

Atomic House is a Brazilian band led by Drummer and composer Marcio Chiafarelli, with Pop, Electro Rock style.

“With the participation of the talented singer Brunna Dio, the version of Lose Control by the band Atomic House gains a new dimension and captivates fans of the genre even more.”


  • Lizzie Marcou
  • Indie Rock, Pop Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Lizzie Marcou is an indie rock artist based in Los Angeles, CA. With vulnerable lyrics and impactful melodies, she aims to capture the true essence of what it means to exist in the current state of the world and how she fits into it. Some of her influences include Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins as well as other 90’s artists who have helped her meld her sound into what it is today.

Nine is essentially about the fear of growing up as I enter the world of adulthood. I started writing it based on the feeling I’d get when I’d pass by my middle school on my way home from college, and how out of place it made me feel knowing I would never get those years back.


  • K!NG
  • Dance, Pop, Chill

K!NG is a solo artist who loves pop music, rap, rnb, jazz but not nearly as much as rock and roll and all things guitar. He is optimistic his debut album ‘I’ will blend genres and bring rock n roll back to mainstream. Story by story.

Mr. Uber Dr!ver is the second official single and tells the story of when a king has had to much to drink and needs to go home. Sung with a bluesy tone to a Britney Spears inspired beat, it’s truly a gem!


  • Brothers of Song
  • Reggae

Brothers of Song is a genre non-specific branding name showcasing the original creations of Robert Harris, Warsh, and the awesome production skills of Joel Parisien.

Being somewhat incognito allows us the freedom to approach many different types of music such as R&B, Singer-Songwriter , Country , Americana , and some slightly rude comedy creations .

We’ve been fortunate to develop a children’s song and animated video called ; ‘Giving it up for Hanukkah ‘on YouTube, that went viral with over 3 million views .

Please follow ‘Brothers of Song’ on any of your DSPs and we guarantee they’ll be something to make you smile. Eternally grateful for the listen !

  • mysoundMusic > World, Reggae, Hip Hop, Afro Beat – open.playlist


  • Cheryl Craigie
  • Soul, Contemporary Christian

Cheryl Craigie is an independent singer, songwriter and musician. Singing since childhood, her passion for composing original music has blossomed in recent years.

Her original songs evoke powerful emotions about love and life. To date, she has co-produced five songs with Eric Goldberg, including two originals.

Cheryl Craigie’s cover of Rescue offers a hopeful and unwavering commitment to a loved one struggling.

The soft tempo of the song, blended with a gospel feel of optimism is what makes this version of “Rescue” so compelling.


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