groovin’ to the music #07

groovin’ to the music #07
a music series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

The joy of music should never be interrupted by a commercial. – Leonard Bernstein

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Tye Cee

From a very young age, Tye Cee was always surrounded by music at home. The record player was constantly playing sounds of extraordinary singers and composers of Soul, Funk, Disco, Pop, Caribbean, Folk, Bossa Nova, or even Opera. Through these different currents, he could find some relief and escape the difficult moments. This fusion of influences and meanings gave birth to his passion for singing, performing and composing his own nostalgic fusion of Neo-Soul songs.

At 13 years old, Tye Cee wrote his first song and when started began singing in choirs and as a soloist. Through music, Tye Cee wants to give back some entertainment, peace, reverie and relief to everyone who listens to it – so they can see that they are not finally being left behind. He truly believes that music is an exhilarating journey, an outlet that can help overcome any situation.

It’s Too Late’s lyrics highlight the sad reality of a love story that fades away due to unbalanced feelings in the couple and the need to bring love to oneself to move forward. The catchy bass line and drum beat help to give hope for not getting stuck and inspire the fact that we need to keep feeling good despite the situation.

Oge Stan

Oge Stan is a Canada-based, Nigerian singer-songwriter, author, and a Lover of God. Although she started singing at the age of six, it was not until recently she decided to take up singer professionally.

El olam is a song of adoration, exaltation and worship to the Everlasting Enternal Immortal Invincible Unending God of the Heavens and Earth.

This is a contemporary gospel song birthed at a time when Oge Stan was evolving, healing and learning to find her peace within and in God in her moments of uncertainty.

Denzell Quinn

Denzell Quinn is a musician from Chicago. He uses a soul style to produce music that shares perseverance for all in the many stories that he tell.

Lost and Found is about being lost in calamity and being found by a special someone who was there to help you through the struggle.


Jackalico is a solo artist From New York now based in Miami, working on writing indie-pop songs with an abstract experimental edge.

Acid Waves is the first song Jackalico wrote in Florida after moving from New York. Feeling isolated he contemplated turning to substances (particularly acid) to escape the loneliness. Instead he channeled his frustrations into his music and this track is the product.

Fabian Soll

Fabian is a DJ, Producer from the Netherlands. Always experimenting, trying to be different and most important, only creating stuff he personally like.

Dance on the groovy beat. Get lost in the euphoric breakdown. Enjoy the moment listening to Jupiter’s Rising.

E epillz

Edward (Epillz) Henderson started making music at the age of 13. His father, Edward Henderson Jr, was also a musician and singer with the First Approach. E epillz got his moniker from his brother Fernando (Colie) Melendez.

Connecticut Music Producer “E Pillz”, teams up with Venezuelan vocalist Thiunifé to bring you Mas Y Mas, a poppy reggaeton hit over a mild tempo beat. Mas Y Mas is a great addition to any playlist.

  • World, Reggae, Hip Hop, Afro Beat – open.playlist


BoyIrish is a complicated person, so it making him an even more complicated artist. BoyIrish tries to fuse so many genres together, and so far it’s working good.

The songs about a love or a desire for somebody and you both know that it will never work out…. that’s I.H.B (In Her Bed)


Arcane-Gel is an alternative rap and genre fusion duo from England creating emotive soundscapes for cathartic expression.

Soiled Gifts is a song about the current state of our broken planet. An apology to my children for their ‘soiled’ inheritance.

Down Suite

In Down Suite‘s ow words …

We believe music is a journey, an exploration, brushing away at the light and shadows spilled on the human experience, revealing the places in between. We are searching for those who will join us in the quest.

Hold On is a first offering into the world to help find our people.

…written and recorded during a dark winter. A gentle voice fell through the cracks in an overcast sky, and whispered – ‘hold on, there is hope’.


No le pidas perdón is the first single Malbo, with Viex on the controls, release with Level Waves Music, setting aside the bias the I know how talented Malbo is, this is the first time he shows his true sound, rhythm and flow without restriction or guidance.

No le pidas perdón presents atraction to the young audience within relationship issues, the classic situation where a breakup leaves the woman feeling overwhelmed by an ex that is still present, and she finds a third person in a night of passion to turn over into the freedom she needed.


Casatis is a young band that just finished recording a second album. Last Tears is from our firs EP called “Blue Virgin”, it has a bossa vibe and a sweet bass line.


Based in Luxembourg, JmNPR is a multi-genre songwriter, producer.

In 2021-2022, he worked on several projets with singers-actors like Roxiie Reese, Justis Poetic, Claire Virginia, Arianna Korona, Neven Nöthig & Maïko.

Give Live Again a listen.

Rico Rossi

Every once in a while a perfect combination makes itself known. That is what you get with City 2 The Country a new song from Rico Rossi with the makings of a hit and a half in good old crossover fashion.

City 2 The Country from Rico Rossi delivers the best of both worlds. Those both worlds are country and hip hop. Rico Rossi may just have a hit on his hands if he’s not careful. It’s simple, listenable and get’s you feeling good.

and because I’m not ready to let my holiday memories go just yet, last but not least, the talented …..

Brianne Matthews

Brianne Matthews is a 24 year old, Canadian musician and singer-songwriter. She has written songs since her school days and has become ever more adept as a lyricist. Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Brianne Matthews believes that determination and the drive she possesses will help her demonstrate that nothing is impossible.

Christmas This Year is a song about enjoying the simple memories of Christmas and not worrying about what we don’t have. It’s a reminder that we can find joy in the simple things ….. how we can enjoy Christmas without getting caught up in all the materialism of it.

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