groovin’ to the music #08

groovin’ to the music #08
a music series spotlighting talented seasoned & emerging artist perfect for any playlist.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

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Fat Cat Affair

An international cat of mystery, Fat Cat has spent years touring Europe, moving from city to city. A multi-instrumental, multi-genre, funktastical cat-beat monster!

He has lived and worked in the smoky jazz bars of Paris, the sweaty rock clubs of Hamburg, underground blues joints in Warsaw and been part of the new cool in Camden, London.

This is one of Fat Cat’s most emotional songs to date.

I wrote this with a fellow band member as a tribute to a beautiful singer we used to work with. The track is a smooth RnB Gospel memorial a homage to love lost and opportunities missed.


BACHTEL is a wholehearted lover of God. He is committed to seeing Gen Z set free through the power of the Holy Spirit, and made radical, lovesick, set apart followers of Jesus.

I Lack No Good Thing is a declaration of the fullness of life that I have found in God. This is a song Inspired by psalm 23! This is an upbeat song filled with celebration.

Mike Power

Mike Power is a veteran of the NYC underground music scene.

This track was recorded and mixed at Vinegar Hill Sound in Brooklyn and is included on the album Compulsions by Mike Power.


Vedika is a 19 year old independent singer-songwriter and producer. She started off making music in her closet and now records from her dorm at UCLA.

She is currently working on her EP, where would u ever want me around? is on the track list. would u ever want me around? is a personal song about trying to fix a mistake that is unfixable, and the feeling of desperation that accompanies it.

Tina Glasneck

Tina Glasneck is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes music to combine it with her book world. Soon her catalog of books will be launched to the moon in Astrobotic’s Peregrine Mission One.

Love and Lossa rock ballad, weeps emotion as it grapples with the idea that sometimes, love isn’t enough. But ‘Love and Loss’ is more than just a sad song – it’s a reminder that even in the darkest moments, there is hope. It’s a reminder that we are strong enough to survive heartbreak and that we can find the strength to move on and heal.


Born Helio Sixpence in Malawi, Rootspence discovered his talent for arts and music from a young age, championed by his church and school educators. From his home in Mozambique, Rootspence is quickly making headway in the music scene with his unparalleled sound and style.

Inspired by his own life experiences, Rootspence creates engaging, dynamic music that seeks to inform and inspire listeners.

Now Meet … Ubuntu, the newly born, bantu-inspired sexy, happy, and chill side of Rootspence.

I went beyond the limits of reggae music to boldly emphasize the African vibes and mood by exploring the depths of Afrobeat and dancehall music. The song is a feel-good jam with lovely vibe, melody, and catchy lyrics. Ubuntu is the first single from my debut EP “Hello Summer”.

From the first beats of opening track ‘Ubuntu’, my sense of joy at the world is evident. The lyrics and title reflect the wisdom of ‘Ubuntu’, an ancient African philosophy meaning humanity towards others — something that percolates throughout each track of the EP.

Faith and community prove to be strong forces throughout Rootspence’s music.


How did the sound of “Human” take shape in the studio?

Musicians Dom Brown, Jamiroquai, Matt Catlow, and Corine did it all virtual, which is quite remarkable. Anna also was the project manager and reached out to her musician friends to work on the tracks. Everyone had a role and it turned out great. I recorded locally in Virginia — the rest was in the UK. Jamiroquai’s world-class keyboard player Matt Johnson worked on “Amazing Grace.” Matt Catlow is superstar, and Dom Brown, his style, talent is sublime. I look back at all this as think “Wow, God, only you could of put this together with so many gifted people.” When you’re a fan of theirs, it blows your mind.

Renaissance Man Band (Tony Dahbura & Chuck Idol)

Tony and Chuck have worked together for many years. They have written and recorded over 20 songs throughout the years.

After many years of separation this team of songwriters (living in two separate states – locations) were brought back together and able collaborate using a new Cloud Based Recording Studio. This new technology is opening the doors and opportunities for song writers around the world.

Moon Rovers

WHAT IS a Moon Rovers Band? This is a breath of fresh air in an airless space. A team that is able to decorate even the most dull and lifeless place, see the positive in the ordinary and turn not the best day of your life into a holiday.

These guys take the stereotypes associated with the bright moments of life and transfer them to where they don’t seem to belong – a beach in the snow, Vegas in the countryside, a red carpet in a provincial cinema. They know how to add color to a colorless reality! Why do people trust them? Because this gang knows how to enjoy life in the dumbest places in the universe.

Player One Go

Player One Go is a Synthpop Trash Disco duo from Southern California. Their production style favors a mix of analog synthesizers, organic instruments and found sounds, paired with club inspired bass and beats.

They are unapologetic fans of dance floor and club production styles, often implementing club remix elements into their productions. They make fun music for the people.

Universe (Rocketship Remix) is an electro-pop chill groove. Inspirations from Sade, Cocteau Twins, and ASMR are paired with 80’s and 90’s synths and an undulating rhythm to create this other worldly love song.


Smallboy is a versatile artist born in the Netherlands now residing in the UK, he uses his cultural inspirations to inherit new sounds within his versatile sounds and music.

Clutchboy Kuma

This Alternative Electro-Pop/R&B captures the duo’s sonic direction and highlights Sophie DeFrench’s dreamy vocals and Clutchboy’s dark, cinematic and ethereal melodies.

This is the duo’s 3rd release and the first of 2023.

Aaron Slaton

Aaron Slaton is a Christian artist, songwriter, and producer from the metro-Atlanta area. His desire is to release kingdom songs for the Glory of God that minister salvation, healing, deliverance, transformation, restoration, praise and worship and hearts set on fire for God.

Shake em Off is an uptempo Christian hip hop track that people can definitely dance to. It’s a simple message to remember to not let the enemy weigh you down with life, but to shake that weight off you and keep going when life gets tough and the enemy is attacking.

The Monehans

The Monehans have traveled over a million miles sharing their music. As singers and songwriters they desire to communicate the Good News through music.

Where On Earth is a song to touch the heart as well as the intellect. It provokes one to contemplate where they would be had Christ not come to earth. Where on earth would you be had not Jesus come to redeem mankind.


Raindrops was written with countless experiences the beils had over the years. Heartbreaks, joys, agony, and helplessness to name a few.

The most impactful experience among them was when she met the person who truly understood and helped her. With the euphoria that comes with this relationship, the inspiration for this music was born.

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