Heidi Tann a special voice of pop, smooth jazz and R&B.

Born and raised in Philippines, Heidi Tann found her love for music at a very young age. She was blessed with a magical voice and confidence that let her perform with confidence and power.

But life was not always easy for this brilliant performer and she too like everyone else, had to fight her way through struggles and challenges to achieve her dream!

The Early Challenges

Heidi Tann was married off at an early age and still when every young, this amazing woman was forced to raise a daughter as a single parent. Even with a baby to take care of, nothing could stop her from pursuing her dream.

After earning her bachelor’s degree from Manila, this lady pop star started performing worldwide, embracing her love for music and trying to make a mark. She traveled all over Asia including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore etc, pleasantly surprising the audience with her melodious voice and charismatic performance.

But still, Heidi was far away from her real dream of releasing a album. The path was long but she managed to walk on it anyways!

The Incredible Production

And what makes them different from the majority?

As for Heidi Tann, her Filipino background has always helped her stand out. Although she has been singing to an audience that generally understands English and know their music well, but her Filipino accent is what adds to the beauty of her music. Her vocals are strong and style is different which has allowed this lady star to become who she is today.

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