Inanna – Contagious

Inanna – Contagious

Inanna is a multifaceted artist—singer, producer, dancer, and advocate for nature and animal rights—whose music redefines environmentalism within an alternative-pop framework. Born in Italy near Venice, her musical journey began and evolved in Barcelona, Spain. Initially known as “Anna.lee,” she embarked on a solo career in 2011. Alongside her musical pursuits, Inanna explores her passion for belly dance and Middle Eastern music.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Inanna’s affinity for alternative and Middle Eastern sounds, coupled with her advocacy work, inspired the creation of her current persona, embodying the spirit of the Sumerian goddess of nature cycles. Her genre-bending music explores the interplay between humans, technology, animals, and nature, offering a hopeful vision for the future of our planet.

Inanna’s sound is a blend of ancient and contemporary influences, crafting enchanting soundscapes that echo her reverence for Earth and its ecosystems. Her artistic mission transcends boundaries, weaving together themes of nature and culture, light and dark, and the sacred feminine and masculine.

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Contagious – alternative pop with Middle-Eastern influences

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