The songwriter and producer of trap gospel music known as Jae R Love has released his latest official single, “Jumping for Jesus.”

It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the New Direction Entertainment record label.

Engaging, surprising, and far more fun than the bulk of gospel releases in 2020, “Jumping for Jesus” introduces Jae R Love as an emissary of both Jesus Christ and his own, new, trap-gospel sound.“Jumping for Jesus” by Jae R Love on the New Direction Entertainment label is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, trap-gospel fans New Direction Entertainment describes Jae R Love as born in Compton and raised in
the LBC. He writes of his spiritual background that he was “taught the Bible at a young age by my parents and my Temple Baptist Church family. I was a youth leader there for several years until I moved to Arizona to go to college. I learned one day that rapping was a gift I never knew I had.”

Jae R Love trained by collaborating and competing with a close circle of friends. After imitating favorite legends of the mic during freestyle sessions for some time, Love figured himself ready for more. “I felt it was good enough to share with the world,” Jae R Love writes. “So I decided to change the message I wanted to get across. I’m trying to create a new category of music. I call it ‘trap gospel.’ Enjoy.”

COVID put the brakes on live shows in 2020, but Love’s still delivering his message:

“There is always a LIGHT to be found in this life. Get up, Go for it, and keep searching for it until you reach the destination(s) meant for you. Keep your faith and acknowledge that there is a higher power. We can tap into that power by just loving one another and by becoming a living example of a child of God. Walk your purpose by walking the right way. We all know deeply in our hearts what that really means.”

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