Music is like therapy, a dose of addictive drug that makes people forget all their worries and problems. Some find it the best source of expressing emotions while others simply indulge in their favorite melodies to forget the world. Enter Jay Lamont.

As beautiful as music is, what if it could make people laugh as well? A modern turn to serious music, Jay Lamont has changed the meaning forever an eternity to come. This guy is known as The Human IPOD, taking urban AC music to a whole new level.

He is a complete performer who needs no support to make his work stand out. In the true sense of it, he is the ultimate one man show who entices the crowd with his humor and fabulous music, integrated together beautifully.

The Witty Artist

Multi-talented comedian turned music artist, Jay Lamont was born in Oklohoma city. From the very beginning, this guy used to impersonate famous artists and musicians, capturing their styles and delivering perfect vocals that allowed him to win talent shows and competitions with much effort. His talent was unmatched; hence it allowed Jay to cash on it later in the life while polishing his skills to become a celebrity today.

Jay Lamont moved to Houston, Texas and worked as a radio presenter, signing to his listeners while making them laugh. Later, moving to Los Angeles gave his comedy career a huge boost and he was soon able to land shows and recording where he proudly presented his mix of comedy and music, entertaining people with his gift.

With Jay performing, he doesn’t need any background musicians or instruments to support him. All he needs is a microphone, a good sound system and an audience that could be entertained. This guy’s success lays in him being a versatile performer who molds according to the surrounding. A dash of expression and great vocals is all he needs to make his show a success. From impersonating artists to presenting his own music, Jay can do it all with a problem, making it all look effortless and flawless.

This urban AC artist …

is one of a kind, a God gfted talent who is rising to fame because of the uniqueness he has to offer to the world. Jay Lamont has launched his own albums lately, all of which include some amazing pieces from his performance that promise to make the listeners laugh.

A happy dose for your sad hours, Jay Lamont’s music is all about making people laugh in the hour, forgetting their worries and live smiling.

Unlike other artists, this man has performed ion cruise ships, festivals and concerts, grabbing every opportunity thrown his way to entertain people. For people who think music has just one direction to it, Jay has proudly incorporated it with comedy, adding a new direction and making music more than just plain “entertainment”. His vocals are powerful, music is clean and comedy unmatched, which is why when he has a concert to execute, people fight over to take the front seats and enjoy the performance to the fullest.

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