young trapper, musician, song-writer and recording artist with a bright musical future

Jemini is a young trapper, musician, song-writer and recording artist.

Originally born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jemini moved to Queensland, Australia to study, in 2017. During this period, he came to realize that music was a big part of his life and later realized that it had always been a big influence.

It all started when he learned dancing in high school and the songs were mainly Hip Hop, from funky tunes to hard crunch with hard beats tunes.

That was in 2013, the first year of his high school. Jemini started making music from Apple’s GarageBand. “All I want is to make good music and spread the message to the people at the same time, that’s my main goal. Whether I get famous or not, it doesn’t matter. But I do want to be successful in what I’m doing. Which is making money from it. ” he said.

Jemini recently released a new song called Zoney. This song gives a beautiful melody and care-free vibes with uplifting rhythm both instrumentally and vocally. Addresses and acknowledges that life is hard but the circumstances and choices you make is divine and it should have nothing to do with the misfortunes that life has given or thrown at you.

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