Jerome Dillon

Jerome Dillon

Jerome Dillon is a talented and diverse self-run artist who launched his music career in late 2018 at the young age of 13, creating his first album.

Drawing inspiration from Bootsy Collins, Jerome expanded his musical repertoire by picking up the bass guitar at 17, infusing his style with a blend of neo-soul and Funk elements.

While initially identifying as a hip-hop artist, Jerome’s artistic evolution has led him to create a unique sound that merges fast lyrical rap with the heavy bass and synths reminiscent of the 70s funk era.

Raised in a theatrically inclined household, Jerome honed his performance skills over the years, which eventually fueled his desire to craft his original material.

His music is notably influenced by iconic artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, Blue Magic, Con Funk Shun, Lakeside, P-Funk, Scarlxrd, and Erykah Badu.

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