Kal Mystikal: A Multifaceted Talent to Watch

Kal Mystikal: A Multifaceted Talent to Watch

Kal Mystikal has solidified his standing as a distinguished Jamaican singer, songwriter, and producer based in Germany, embarking on a mesmerizing musical odyssey.

Originating from Spanish Town, Jamaica, his passion for music took root during his high school days as he drew inspiration from legends such as Bob Marley and Beenie Man. His talent blossomed at Corner Street Records, mentored by the accomplished producer Kofi Dunbar.

Relocating to Germany at 26, Kal founded Eyeziz Music, now recognized as CMA Records, collaborating with esteemed artists like Ital from Dubworks and his mentor Tony.

The tale of Kal Mystikal underscores his unyielding dedication, resilience, and the transformative power of music as a universal medium of liberation.

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