Lloyd Lewis ft MSUX – Every Body Lies – new song

Lloyd Lewis ft MSUX – Every Body Lies – new song

In Every Body Lies, a collaboration between Lloyd Lewis and MSUX, the lyrics eloquently capture the profound sense of betrayal and disillusionment felt by many. With poetic finesse, the song suggests that just as psychosis distorts an individual’s reality, the constant bombardment of insincere promises and advertisements has twisted our societal understanding of truth and integrity.

The melody, a rich tapestry of solemn tones and erratic beats, mirrors the tumultuous nature of a mind grappling with psychosis, while also reflecting the chaotic world of politics and corporate agendas.

This track rises above the rest by encapsulating the sensation of being adrift in a sea of misinformation and broken dreams. It speaks directly to the listener, striking a deeply personal chord with those who have experienced the sting of shattered commitments and unfulfilled assurances, be it on a personal scale or from influential entities like governments and corporations.

Every Body Lies transcends mere music; it is a profound reflection of our times, serving as a poignant reminder of the fractured reality we navigate, blurring the lines between individual battles with psychosis and the shared disillusionment of society at large.”

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Every Body Lies (Psychosis On A Dumb Phone) – [experimental, spoken word]

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