M. Costello is an independent artist from the UK who makes hip hop and r&b music.

M. Costello will be releasing EP on the 4th September called Nights. This features songs such as Splash, a fun, bouncy hip hop song with a modern pop twist.

This is the second single for the EP. The sound of the EP reflects upon how M. Costello’s sound can change depending on his mood, and “the EP has a certain vibe which is mellow yet raw which goes well with the theme of EP having a slightly melancholic undertone in some areas, yet still listenable in a lot of scenarios at night or just listening to in the car with the stars above you”.

M. Costello doesn’t believe that he follows trends which are set in the UK and I have more of an influence from the US sound, with inspirations such as Ty Dolla $ign, Blackbear and Tory Lanez. Please do whatever you believe will be suitable with this information.

M. Costello
Splash (feat. J $tash Wit Da Cash

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