Westside Wordsmith: Maniac Blac Unleashed

Westside Wordsmith: Maniac Blac Unleashed

Robby Black, professionally known as Maniac Blac, is an esteemed American hip-hop artist and rapper hailing from West Los Angeles.

His latest EP showcases a promising collaboration with the renowned multi-platinum producer Harold Scrap Fretty, famous for his work with legends like 2pac.

Maniac Blac’s mission transcends mere music, aiming to shed light on crucial issues often ignored in the urban music scene.

With a profound statement, “With the footwork and right direction, god will bless you, this is my testimony,” Maniac Blac remains steadfast in his pursuit of using music as a platform for enlightening his community and driving essential awareness.

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This Ain’t No Real Love – hip hop, rap

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