Mats Dernánd – You Are Not Alone

Mats Dernánd – You Are Not Alone

Mats Dernánd is an incredibly multifaceted musician who truly epitomizes versatility in the world of music. As a songwriter, producer, pianist, singer, harmonica player, and trumpeter, his artistic range knows no bounds.

Embracing various genres with ease, from instrumental cinematic to pop, progressive rock, and folk, Mats refuses to confine himself within the boundaries of a single music style.

It is evident that Mats follows a steadfast commitment to always listen to his heart when creating music. This promise to himself allows him the freedom to explore various musical landscapes, resulting in a dynamic and innovative sound that captivates audiences across the globe.

Mats Dernánd’s undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to his craft serve as a testament to his boundless creativity and passion for the art of music.

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You Are Not Alone – [pop, folk pop, acoustic pop]

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