Mattfou’s new Naughty List Ep

Mattfou’s new Naughty List Ep

To celebrate the holiday season, talented artists Mattfou and Trilla have collaborated on a Christmas EP called “Naughty List”. This exciting project combines the unique style of UK Drill with the festive cheer of the holidays.

With three catchy songs – “Naughty List,” “Hush,” and “Xmas XO” – this EP is sure to be a hit among fans. Let’s delve deeper into this festive release and discover the incredible talent behind it.

Naughty List EP: A Festive Musical Delight

Released on December 3rd, the Naughty List EP perfectly combines holiday joy with UK Drill vibes. Mattfou and Trilla have crafted a musical experience that will leave listeners wanting more, with three distinct tracks.

Naughty List

The title track, “Naughty List,” sets the tone for the EP with its infectious beat and memorable lyrics. Mattfou and Trilla effortlessly blend their unique styles to create a song that is energetic and full of holiday spirit. The lyrics celebrate the joy of the season and encourage embracing happiness and love.


“Hush” takes a slightly different approach, providing a more introspective and contemplative vibe. The artists showcase their lyrical talent, exploring the challenges and emotions that can arise during the holidays. Through heartfelt verses, Mattfou and Trilla touch on themes of gratitude, self-reflection, and personal growth.

Xmas XO

Closing out the EP is “Xmas XO,” a track that combines captivating melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. This song delves deeper into the complexities of the holiday season, shining a light on the experiences of love and loss that many people face during this time of year. Mattfou and Trilla beautifully capture the bittersweet emotions through their poignant storytelling and captivating delivery.

The Talented Duo: Mattfou and Trilla

Mattfou and Trilla are two highly talented artists who have quickly gained recognition in the UK Drill scene. Their unique style, powerful lyrics, and distinct voices have earned them a dedicated fan base. With the Naughty List EP, they continue to push boundaries and showcase their musical expertise.


In the spirit of the holiday season, Mattfou and Trilla have given their fans the gift of the Naughty List EP – a delightful blend of UK Drill and Christmas magic. With three captivating tracks, this EP showcases the talent, creativity, and musical prowess of these remarkable artists. With infectious beats, memorable lyrics, and powerful messages, the Naughty List EP is sure to become a favorite among fans. So, get into the holiday spirit and give it a listen!