Mike Thompson releases second album …

Mike Thompson releases second album Needful Things

Mike Thompson was born on the Gulf Coast of Florida. His passion for music and travel has taken him all over the world. Still, he finds himself to be a true Floridian at heart and admits he enjoys the nature of the people and way of life there. And since he calls Florida home, it’s no surprise that his latest album was released out of Panama City. A talented and passionate singer/songwriter, the new album release has been a labor of love for Mike. And you can hear it in his music. Mike Thompson is also the co-host of Radio Cosmos, a weekly celebration of all things rock ‘n roll that airs every Friday night on GC90.7 fm.

The new album, “Needful Things”,

is Thompson’s second album release and each track on the album was written by Mike himself. During the album’s creation, Mike focused on writing powerful emotive music and pulled from personal experience to write each song. Needful Things was officially released on the 10th of December 2019. It has a track listing of 12 songs and has a total play time of 49 minutes. Thompson’s smooth voice and alternative sounds make this album a treat for indie rock lovers.

The title of the album was originally “Bits of light and needful things”,

taken from the lyrics of the track Love Come Down. But this changed with the passing of JJ Crews, a close friend and mentor of Thompson’s who was helping to produce the album. This brought the production of the album to a halt and Thompson believed it was the end of it. Later, Andrew Pate and Glenn Thomas would help Mike bring his vision for the album to fruition. But the sound took on a slightly heavier feel and “bits of light” was dropped from the title. The album was released in memory of Crews and we think he’d truly be proud.

The finished album turned out great

and it’s powerful first single “Million Miles” is the perfect blend of Thompson’s incredible vocals and some intense guitar rifts. Mike also channels one his rock idols, David Bowie, on the album. In the song “Here We Go Again”, you can clearly hear Bowie’s influence and the results are extraordinary.

As a whole, Mike Thompson’s second album

is bound to get him the attention he deserves and paves the way for a whole new era of music from him. Since it’s release, Needful Things has even seen some radio play as far away as Sweden and Mike is already thinking about his next release. We can’t wait to see what Mike Thompson does next and think 2020 might just be his year. But for now, we’ll just have to keep Needful Things on repeat.

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Mike Thompson releases second album
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