Mikey Hamptons & The Meows emerged on the music horizon a few years back with an aim to save and resurrect rock music.

With out a doubt, presenting you with the best of both worlds; the rock of the past and the present.

It is true, rock saw its decline in the late 70s and 80s. However, pop, rock and electro rock have made somewhat of a comeback – the original rock still seem be struggling in this fast paced techno world.

In the era where the youth of today seem more attracted to the packaging and the presentation, than the music and lyrics itself; it is difficult to sell something what they have deemed is ‘old school’.

But with a passion and intense dedication to Rock;

Mikey and the Meows are destined to go down in history as the ones who brought back and enhanced the Rock Music.

The debut CD from the band ‘Okay, I’m Ready To Rock Now’; is all set to please even the most die-hard classic rock lovers and as well touch a cord with the younger Nirvana, Green Day and Foo Fighter fans.

Mikey Hamptons & The Meows Are Focusing On Rock

Why only rock?

Rock was the love child of various types of music and hence why it strung a chord with a multitude of diverse cultural phenomena’s and music lovers.

Rock music evokes emotion and the feel of a bygone golden era. It is a hair-raising sensation that arises from your gut whenever the guitar solo of your favorite artist comes up.

Rock is a lifestyle, that Mikey and the Meows have dedicated themselves too

Accordinly, the band features a unique sound that is often described as a cross between Fuel and Ozzy. While some of their songs are an obvious giveaway of influence by the Beetles & the British Invasion; they are still the best form of rock.

Rock is emotion and strength and Mikey and the Meows pack a power punch of both in their interpretation of Rock Music.

About The Band

“To improve and grow as a songwriter and a recording artist” – the words of the lead vocalist Mikey Hamptons is enough to describe the bands devotion to their genre.

As the soul of the music is Rock; it is influenced by some of the heavy names of the music industry:  The Beatles, Tom Petty, Ozzy, Fuel, Sixties Rock, Lifehouse, The Who, Chevelle, Staind.

First, there is Andreas Altmann, (Mikey Hampton) & the Lead Guitar and simply the best – he is the perfect choice to bring back the feeling that the guitar solo used to invoke in the roving fans of the Rock Music back in the time.

Second, Ray Martin, Bass Guitar – is a seasoned bass player that have performed in many cover bands around New York City and New Jersey club scene. Additionally, he brings his immense and unique talents of bass guitar, as well as lead guitar, and backing vocals to the band

Last but not least, Stefano Leone on drums – lends his fabulous talents to the band including backing vocals. Stef like Ray, has performed non-stop in various cover bands in Manhattan regularly. Stef is a graduate of The Collective School Of Music in Manhattan, and has been involved in various performing activities with the school as well.

So be on the lookout as

Mikey Hamptons & the Meows are here and are ready and rocking to turn the world on its ear.

They are here and they are loud and they are soulful.

And resolutely committed to introduce the younger generation to the joys of Rock Music and nudge the forgetful older masses to reminisce about the forgotten golden era of Rock Music.