Mirabelle Rose

Mirabelle Rose

Mirabelle Rose has captivated audiences with her latest indie pop anthem, “Demons,” marking her debut single of 2024. The Munich-based singer-songwriter and film director skillfully weaves an honest and personal narrative, inviting listeners on a danceable heroine’s journey.

Within the depths of the song, Rose sheds light on her internal struggles and battles with personal demons, adding depth to the upbeat melody. Collaborating with producer Ralf Hahn, Rose strikes a perfect balance between darkness and light, blending lively production with profound yet playful lyrics.

The incorporation of Arabic-inspired rhythms, accordion, and guitar sounds elevates “Demons,” creating an accessible experience for a wide audience.

Through her artistry, Mirabelle Rose paints a heartfelt and warm portrayal of confronting inner darkness, making “Demons” a refreshing addition to the indie pop scene.

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Demons – indie pop

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