Mitch Nacario, professionally known as Mitchie, is a multi-talented individual with a diverse skill set. Beyond the realms of social media fame and modeling, Mitchie thrives on her incredible ability to showcase grace through her dancing and music.

As a Pinay Latina from the Philippines, she has not only represented her country in renowned dance competitions like Hip Hop International and Vibe PH but has also ventured into the music industry as a recording artist and songwriter.

Collaborating with artists like Crazymix on tracks such as the one released as part of Operation 10-90 with Shockra showcases her artistic versatility.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Mitchie has explored various music genres from rap to R&B and pop, setting her sights on leaving a lasting impact on the world stage with her talents.

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Man Eater – hip hop, r&b, rap

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