Mohit Khanna

Mohit Khanna

Mohit Khanna is an independent artist from India. He started his career in music in 2020 with his first album Applestreet Mint released on online stores including Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

His latest album Applestreet Project is out on online stores and was released in June 2022.

Mohit Khanna is also a Web Developer and a Mobile App developer with about 3-4 apps published on the app stores.

He has been to lots of places around the world including USA, Canada, Italy, Australia, UK, Thailand and Singapore. His hobbies include music, programming, food and travel.

Mohit Khanna’s music is mostly instrumental electronic music with Deep House, Big Room and World Music in his genre list.

Do you have any other plans relating to this release? A video?

I plan to release a lyrical version later. Haven’t thought about releasing a music video. Thanks!

Do you write and release or do you plan each release? Any plans for an EP or album?

I usually work on Ableton with launchpad. I record my live sessions and release these as my music since the album “New Dimension”. Before that I was using Garageband.

Other than fame & fortune, is there something you hope to achieve through music?

I could hope to settle abroad in Canada. They approve a musician if the musician is popular. Apart from settlement, I would want to make friends too. I’ve got a twitter page, and a facebook page for anyone wanting to have a friendly gossip about music and favourite genre’s / artists online.

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