Mondy MFZB creates a whole new genre and is sharing it across many music platforms.

Mondy MZFB a man of many talents

Call him multitalented , jack-of-all-trades, or versatile, the bottom line is Mondy MFZB is pure talent. According to his biography, Mondy is a studied filmmaker developing an anime-inspired style into film. On top of that, he enjoys taking photos, mostly models, who he finds interesting to talk to on shoots. As if that wan’t enough, Mondy has recently found his way back to music, a path he choose at the age of 11, and is now exploring & creating a new genre that blends trap and hip hop with heavy metal.

Mondy MFZB has recently released a new single “With You” take a listen:

Mosny MFZB can be found on Spotify. Consider adding him to your playlist. I have.

Mondy MFZB’s music is on many platforms and easy to find.

Apple Music
Google Play
Amazon Music

Or just go to his fanlink::

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