more new music from C37

more new music from C37

Paul Cudby, the visionary musician behind C37, hails from the picturesque Lake District of England, infusing his ambient chill music with a captivating essence that beckons the soul.

Each C37 track serves as a personal narrative, granting listeners a poignant glimpse into Cudby’s inner world. Transitioning from his beginnings as a teenage rock band songwriter to an explorer of experimental sounds, Cudby’s evolution was shaped by 90s rave culture, igniting his passion for electronic music and laying the groundwork for the distinctive C37 sound.

The heart of his music beats with soulful piano melodies intertwined with ethereal guitar and electronic nuances, creating a sensory journey that lingers long after the final note fades.

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The Mess of Misunderstanding – [ambient, downbeat, chillout]

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One Day – [chill, emotional]

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