New Key is the name of a music project. In that sense you can say it is a pseudonym for this guy by the name of Onno. Onmo may use a pseudonym name but he delivers REAL Music.

Born and raised in Alkmaar (North of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam) he is used to the Dutch way of life , while music and creating own songs have always been a passion.

New Key new album SOngs from Everyday Life

The New Key songs are never born ‘on command’ but seem to pop up when the time is right. The final expression of these ideas into actual recordings comes from an inner ‘need’ to do so.

After years of fine tuning and crafting the recording activities, New Key, to our favor, has realized it is time (2019) to put deliver his music to the world. 

Living in an era with tools like streaming services and internet, it is pleasantly easy to do so. Hoping to entertain and to serve, whoever enjoys listening.

Consider adding Mew Key to your Spotify playlist (I did) or download from the many platforms, such as, iTunes ….

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