new release from Fi – Stay with me (Acoustic)

new release from Fi – Stay with me (Acoustic)

Dr. Victor Figueroa, known as Fi, is an extraordinary musical talent, blending his South African and Cuban roots into his artistry.

His journey from rap battles in his teenage years to honing his guitar skills in a South African academy at the tender age of 14, showcases his dedication to music.

Influenced by a multitude of artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, and John Mayer, Fi’s musical palette is rich and varied. Transitioning from heavy metal in his band Libre Morte to the solo path at 20, where he shared the stage with renowned Cuban artists like Buena Fe and Los Van Van, Fi’s talent shone brightly.

Despite a hiatus for medical school, Fi’s passion for music never waned. His upcoming album, “Songs About Not Asking Much,” set to release in 2024, promises to be a culmination of his life’s inspiration.

His resilience and commitment to his craft are a testament to his unwavering talent and dedication to the art of music.

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Stay with me (Acoustic) – [pop, indie, indie pop, acoustic indie, acoustic pop]

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