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    Nick Mateo
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    Nick Mateo

    Skillfully combining a powerful affinity for organic music, with a fearlessly honest edge of emotional innovation, Switzerland musician, composer and videographer Nick Mateo delivers a refreshing twist of integrity, style and heart into modern music.

    Primarily an electric pianist but notably adept across a plethora of instruments, Nick’s music thoughtfully makes use of juxtaposition – often proceeding moments of blissful delicacy with those of weight and quickness, for an impactful audio venture.

    From the extensive embrace of 2021’s EP ‘Recollections’, through the delicacy and jazz-kissed elegance of singles like ‘Amber’ and ‘Reach’, to the string-enhanced emotion and euphoric atmosphere of ‘Abstractions’, Nick showcases a fascinating and deeply human connection to the process.

    Each composition takes its time to express a particular string of feelings and moods, and in turn appears profoundly engaging, and naturally bridges the gap between artist and audience.

    Nick’s single ‘Flux’, released July 4th, – an instrumental duet with violinist Hanna Bienert – has no doubt become a defining composition. The release gifted a heart-wrenching and softly intense exploration of time and change, and aptly underlined the depths of both Nick’s musical dexterity and his mindset as an artist.

    Openly influenced by Nils Frahm and Max Richter, Nick’s music emerges with a breadth of inspiration at its core. The composer approaches each piece with an organic mindset, but gradually allows this to evolve as per the changing emotions of the moment. His releases tend to fall under the category of contemporary classical, but often expand towards ambient and experimental sound-design, thanks to the freedom of creativity that so powerfully drives his style.

    Other stand-out singles from his collection include ‘Greytones’ and ‘Glass Love’. Several works have also been enhanced by stunning visual accompaniments, such as for ‘Abstractions’ and ‘Pathways’.

    Do you write and release or do you plan each release? Any plans for an EP or album?

    I intend to release a remix of my track Flux on the 22nd of July. This version will ave a heavier focus on the string arrangement, giving it highly emotive touch. Furthermore I’m working on a more experimental track with my brother, who uses the artist name Sean La Jolla. He plays several guitars over my synth and drum pad. The track will be released end of August.

    Other than fame & fortune, is there something you hope to achieve through music?

    I especially hope to hone my skills at playing the piano and collaborate with other artists. I especially enjoy combining piano music to strings or brass.