DJ, producer, sound curator. With Indian roots and a love of the underground, Shiv seamlessly blends pop music with cultural sounds. His sound lies somewhere between Hardcore, Kpop, Trap, Dirty South Hip-Hop, and 90’s Bollywood movies.

Starting out early in 2011, Shiv began releasing singles through Soundcloud and rocking local house shows at his University. Cultivating a powerful drum-forward sound design, he had fun and collaborated with many Richmond artists and curated safe spaces for people to dance and vibe.

Sorry For The Wait – the debut project by Shiv after a two year hiatus – was made with North Carolina producers and DJ’s Mister and Oldboy. Taking their vinyl lo-fi noises, Shiv is able to polish a classic formula with Indian / Korean vocals, psychedelic melodies and a spastic rhythm.

When asked to describe his project, Shiv had no problem finding an answer.

“This is a late night car bump, I had no intentions to play these live. Drive slow and let go.”

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