OrionLion – an unique fusion of diverse styles

OrionLion – an unique fusion of diverse styles

OrionLion is an artist who truly cherishes the power of music, evident through his extensive collection of rare vinyls, CDs, and tapes. These prized possessions serve as constant sources of inspiration for his creative journey.

During his undergraduate years, OrionLion stumbled upon his hidden passion for a cappella, which led him to compose and perform alongside like-minded friends. These experiences now shape his musical contributions, with lush harmonies and retro arrangements often finding their way into his works.

Not only does this collaboration enrich the music world, but it also fosters a deep sense of camaraderie among artists. To further immerse himself in the realm of music, OrionLion pursued formal studies under the guidance of accomplished musicians.

This valuable experience granted him a profound understanding of music and expanded his creative horizons. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of genres, including Hokkien and Taiwan-styled Nagashi Pop, Cantopop, J-pop, R&B, and Soul, OrionLion has carved out his own unique musical path.

His style, which he calls RETRO POP, encourages listeners to embark on their own musical discoveries. Each of OrionLion’s songs is a vivid portrayal of his devotion and exploration of music, infused with memories and emotions.

Through his music, he aspires to evoke a sense of nostalgia in his listeners, fostering sincere emotional connections that transcend time.

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Date on Lantern Night – [folk, dance, synthpop, world]

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詩經靜女-The Reticent Girl From the Ancient Classic of Poetry – [synth-pop, folk, rumba, world]

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